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Everyone wants to minimize losses and maximize their business profits. ML – Machine Learning, DL – Deep Learning & AI – Artificial Intelligence are transforming the way we understand software + machine, making computers more intelligent than we could even imagine just a decade ago. Thanks to Agent Arin -AI and improved methodologies to analyze your data, Data Analysts and Data Scientists are increasingly using data to make informed decisions for your business from management to marketing.

Artificial Intelligence is going to a vital and valuable skill not only within the tech world but also for the wider global economy that depends upon knowledge and insight for growth and success. Agent Arin is something that’s moving beyond the realm of your business data science.


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Artificial Intelligence (Arin) Marketing

Remove the Human Error and replace by Non-Error Robots

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Benefits

AI technology is a hot topic in marketing at the moment, but AI is a broad term covering a wide range of different technologies. Artificial intelligence means any technology that seeks to mimic human intelligence, which covers a huge range of capabilities such as voice and image recognition, machine learning techniques and semantic search.

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With the amount of data coming in at any given time, and the rate and pace with which consumers evolve and change, finding customers and crafting and sending hyper-personalized messages remains one of the biggest hurdles for marketers. All the techniques are ‘AI’ in the sense that they involve computer intelligence, but we’ve broken them down into 3 different types of technology – Machine Learning Techniques, Applied Propensity Models, and AI Applications. Machine learning techniques involve using algorithms to ‘learn’ from historical data sets, which can then create propensity models. Applied propensity models are when these propensity models are put to work predicting given events- such as scoring leads based on their likelihood to convert. AI applications are other forms of AI, which do tasks one would usually associate with a human operator such as answering customer questions or writing new content.

Arin Machine Learning

Machine learning is on the edge of revolutionizing those lots of business sectors. Most leaders in those industries look at Machine Learning and see a non-stable, none viable technology in the short term. They are wrong. This will allow technological Entrepreneurs to disrupt them.

Arin Deep Learning

Deep Learning, on the other hand, is an approach to Machine Learning which involves Artificial Neural Networks to work with the data.

Arin Neural Network

Neural networks are increasingly being used in real-world business applications and, in some cases, such as fraud detection, they have already become the method of choice. Their use for risk assessment is also growing and they have been employed to visualise complex databases for marketing segmentation.

Arin Natural Language for Business

The technology can be productively applied to concerns as diverse as assessing customer loyalty, streamlining user engagement, and caregiver feedback .

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Our software, Agent Arin, is a proprietary artificial intelligence based programmatic platform, which plans, identifies, prices and delivers relevant advertisements in multiple fields of online advertising.