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In today, artificial intelligence refers to the intelligence indicated by a machine. AI allows machines to think, react and execute jobs like human beings. It also helps the machine learn from experience and adapt to new entries, totally perfect for today digital marketing trends.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more popular among Digital Marketing

This improves accuracy, explains more accurate errors and less, and means higher productivity in marketing data insight.

Analyze more data and more in-depth data to get valuable information.
With smart and convenient algorithms, you can add various features of your marketing trends. AI Chatbox, AI voice assistants, marketing automation systems are an AI marketing example. The value of the data is the goal of the advertisement,

Digital advertising brokers, such as Facebook, Google, etc., are routed to using your data. They capture users behavior and consumption (their preferences, lifestyle, lifestyles, and other recipes).

Facebook is booming due to the fact that it knows most users. The average Malaysia and Singapore user spends about 40 minutes a day on the site, which enhances his knowledge. Facebook periodically uses a battery of statistical algorithms to match products and advertisers the advertiser wants to promote. The average cost per click for Facebook ads in 2017 was RM 2.72. The highest price can be analyzed and evaluated based on the different data collected.

Google is another giant in the digital field and can not compete with Facebook in the region, but Google Adwords accounts for over 80% of dominant search advertisements in the Asia market. According to Wordstream, in 2017, Google AdWords had an average CPC of RM 3.70. Of course, the number of clicks will increase. Since the price is determined by auction, it depends on the order. For example, the number of clicks on Adwords Legal Services may exceed RM 50. Agent Arin have to help you to avoid these to happen.

Agent Arin AI Artificial intelligence in digital marketing

The introduction of Agent Arin artificial intelligence applications is not just marketing or promotion. Marketing is the theme of many years in AI’s most popular application dialogue.

The Agent Arin AI Artificial Intelligence aim these article, which was designed as an introduction to artificial intelligence cross-marketing, is divided into three different sections.

  • Realistic examples of artificial intelligence applications for advertising and marketing, with great appeal
  • Amnesty Asia’s future marketing/advertising requirements – mostly in local business
  • Basic marketing glossary related to AI, including links to reliable references

Agent Arin AI – Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing platform has been around for 3 years and it takes a long time to try to build the most powerful Digital Marketing assistant that ever existed. First of all, to create a marketing recognition app like Agent Arin, now the new Agent Arin AI platform can answer complex marketing data commands, like “Show me who is my target audience for our new product.” 85% accurate potential audience going to target by Agent Arin, or “How is the weather in the largest capital of the Malaysia who love my products?” … Because it an AI, it can be answer any question you like to ask base on how much data you provide to analysis.

Our experience

Agent Arin –  AI for Digital Marketing

Agent Arin claims that it is the Asia’s first marketing platform for an AI company. According to the company, we want to reduce the pressure on the marketing of the company and current market. They not only want to replace existing efforts, but we also to achieve speed and measurement when done AI – Artificial Intelligence.

Given the name of the agent as Arin, this is a great touch for the company because Agetn Arin soon became a member of another world first class AI team. However, this AI is smarter than any other member because it can filter large amounts of data before making the appropriate assessments and taking action on the discovery.

Agent Arin AI do these marketing actions:

Marketing Positioning – Back to the topic of our guide AI, one of Agent Arin’s key features is the ability to effectively use goals. After evaluating the target audience, the program actually uses Facebook & Google Analytics website tools to create such content. After you update this content to several campaigns, you can use a similar audience for the target audience and achieve results.

Mix Channels – In addition, it is important to be able to test activity on different channels. This cross-channel approach not only uses one, it provides a more efficient optimization process, and your results improve over time.

Art & Design  For all available designs, Agent Arin will test A/B to understand its differences and its driving implications. If successful, you can make changes and you should see positive results. If it doesn’t work, Agent Arin will resume and move on, looking for ways to improve the activity.

Marketing Analysis – Like social network premium services, Agent Arin continually evaluates analysis and ideas and decides on the best way. In the A / B test, you can review thousands of variables in addition to keyword analysis, historical data, budget allocation, contact point effectiveness, position analysis, real time attribution, consumer behavior patterns. In this way you can be confident that you are constantly making progress and now you can compare with your business competitors with your New AI Era Marketing tool – Agent Arin AI Marketing

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